Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the quality of hair available in Golden Hair?
  • All hair in Golden Hair is 100% natural, subject to color change and can withstand the highest temperatures

  • How can I choose the right density for my hair?

  • In clippers, the density starts from 120, and this is appropriate if the hair and extensions are the same length or longer by 2 inches, and the average density is 150 grams or 160 grams is suitable when it is longer than the hair by 2 inches or 4 as a maximum and the highest density is 200 grams is suitable when I want to The extensions are longer than my hair from 4 inches to 8 inches

  • In the tape, each package consists of 20 pieces, weighing 50 grams (the package is suitable if the extension and the hair are the same length, and when the hair is shorter than the extension, the head needs 40 pieces, 60 or 80 according to the desired density)

Shipping and delivery

1. What areas are delivered to?

- We provide delivery service to the main areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

Unfortunately, there are some areas that we can't deliver directly to, and home delivery is not available. Or a delivery service is available at a higher fee

- We also inform you that if the delivery address is out of range, we will have to ask our valued customers to receive the order from the nearest branch of the shipping company.

2. Do you have a shipping service outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Yes, international shipping is available outside the Kingdom.

3. Do I have to pay extra fees for the shipping and delivery service?

Delivery fees start from 9 riyals to 35 depending on the region

4. How long does it take for my order to reach me?

You can see the delivery dates within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when choosing the appropriate shipping company during the ordering process

5. How can I track my shipments or contact Golden Hair's delivery partners?

through the site

6. How do I change the delivery address?

The address cannot be changed after the order has been shipped, but the address can be changed before the order is shipped by contacting via WhatsApp on the number .


7. What should I do if the product I received is damaged or defective?

The Golden Hair store team pays great attention to packaging, checking and ensuring the safety of products before shipping them.

But in the event that the product reaches you in a damaged condition, contact via WhatsApp on the number


Security / Technical Support

1. Is it safe to shop at Golden Hair Store?

The Golden Hair store team guarantees you a 100% secure shopping process, as credit card information and payment details are encrypted before transmission using the latest electronic encryption technologies that follow the highest security standards. We at Golden Hair follow the strictest protocols to ensure that the personal information of each of our customers is preserved.