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The latest versions of the original IPL hair removal devices

device specifications:

  • Easy to use, can be used on all areas of the body.
  • 300,000 thousand flashes.
  • Integrated lens with the device
  • Instructions for use are available in the brochure supplied with the device.
  • One year warranty from the store.
  • The device is licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration.
  • When needed, you can contact a dermatologist to answer any questions. (To obtain this service, you can contact us on WhatsApp on the website)

How to use:

  1. Mark the areas and shave them about a day before the session, clean them and make sure they are completely dry.
  2. Put the hair removal lens and define the desired area so that you will have more than two areas in the same session.
  3. Connect the device to the electricity, you will hear a slight sound indicating that the device is ready.

4 . Press the play button at the bottom of the screen, then choose the appropriate degree for your skin (the device has 5 levels of energy to choose from which do not cause you pain and suit the degree of sensitivity of your skin, for example if your skin is sensitive or at the beginning of the sessions you choose the lower levels other than this, you can use the higher levels without worry )

5 . Place the device perpendicular to your skin and then press and hold the flashes button and scroll the device.

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